Sukhvinder S Sidhu and Vineet Gupta Collaborate to Elevate SIRI Systematic Strategy’s Online Courses

May 14 00:06 2024

New Delhi, India – SUKHVINDER S SIDHU(SEBI:INA100001182), Chief Strategy Analyst and Financial Engineering Head at SIRI SYSTEMATIC STRATEGY, in collaboration with VINEET GUPTA, Chief Trading Officer, is set to enhance the company’s renowned online courses. This partnership is aimed at bolstering the May 2024 curriculum with expert insights and strategies that have proven successful in the financial markets.

The collaborative efforts of SIDHU and GUPTA are expected to bring a dynamic synergy to the online courses, providing participants with a unique blend of strategic analysis and practical trading knowledge. “Our combined expertise will offer a comprehensive learning experience that addresses both the theoretical and practical aspects of trading,” stated SUKHVINDER S SIDHU.

VINEET GUPTA, with his extensive experience in developing high-return trading strategies, complements SUKHVINDER S SIDHU’s analytical skills and deep understanding of financial engineering. Together, they plan to integrate advanced financial models and real-time market analysis into the curriculum. “By merging our strengths, we aim to prepare our students not just to navigate, but to excel in the competitive world of trading,” GUPTA added.

The upcoming online sessions will cover a range of topics crucial for modern trading, including algorithmic trading, risk management, and market prediction techniques. Participants will gain firsthand knowledge from two of the industry’s most respected figures, learning to apply these techniques in live trading scenarios.

“This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to empower investors by enhancing their trading skills and helping them understand market dynamics more profoundly,” said VINEET GUPTA. “With SUKHVINDER’s strategic acumen and our collaborative teaching approach, we are confident that this will mark a new milestone in the world of financial education.”

Interested individuals are encouraged to register early to secure their place in this transformative educational event. Registration can be completed on SIRI’s official website at


Founded in 2016, SIRI SYSTEMATIC STRATEGY specializes in the development and management of algorithmic trading strategies across various asset classes. The company’s vision is to make significant contributions to the global financial markets by fostering a deeper understanding of systematic trading and its benefits.

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