SIRI Systematic Strategy Announces Online Courses and New Recruitment Drive for May 2024

May 14 00:14 2024

New Delhi, India – SIRI SYSTEMATIC STRATEGY, a pioneer in systematic trading strategies across multiple asset classes, is set to revolutionize the Indian financial market with its upcoming online courses scheduled for May 2024. The company aims to emulate the success of Wall Street by launching a new phase of recruitment and pre-training for its ambitious 800% stock price increase plan.

These pivotal online sessions will be led by renowned strategists VINEET GUPTA and SUKHVINDER S SIDHU, whose expertise has been instrumental in past successes. VINEET GUPTA, Chief Trading Officer of SIRI, has an extensive background in financial markets with over two decades of experience. He has been pivotal in developing trading strategies that have consistently delivered high returns. SUKHVINDER S SIDHU, Chief Strategy Analyst and Financial Engineering Head at SIRI, brings a wealth of knowledge from his time at leading global financial institutions. His strategic insights have helped shape the innovative approaches that SIRI employs.

The event will be hosted live online, allowing participants from across India and globally to join and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that SIRI has to offer.

“This initiative is part of our commitment to empower investors by enhancing their trading skills and helping them understand market dynamics more profoundly,” said VINEET GUPTA. “We are excited to usher in a new era of financial expertise that could very well be the beginning of India’s Wall Street,” added SUKHVINDER S SIDHU.

Interested individuals are encouraged to register early to secure their place in this transformative educational event. Registration can be completed on SIRI’s official website at

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Founded in 2016, SIRI SYSTEMATIC STRATEGY specializes in the development and management of algorithmic trading strategies across various asset classes. The company’s vision is to make significant contributions to the global financial markets by fostering a deeper understanding of systematic trading and its benefits.

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