DF DEV new energy low-voltage auxiliary battery: Let the world share China’s “intelligent” manufacturing.

May 14 00:36 2024

With the continuous updating and iteration of technology, China’s new energy vehicles have an advantage in the global market, and their sales have also maintained a good growth momentum in the domestic market and overseas markets. .

DF, a global brand famous for its export quality, follows market trends and brings new DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries to new energy car owners.

When it comes to new energy vehicles, most people have a misunderstanding. They believe that the start-up of new energy vehicles and the operation of other electronic devices all come from a lithium battery.

In fact, because the high-voltage direct current provided by power lithium batteries cannot meet the voltage needs of electronic equipment such as car lights, speakers, radios, instrument panels, central locks, etc., new energy vehicles will be equipped with an additional low-voltage auxiliary battery.

In automobile circuits, power lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries are inseparable. Before the vehicle is started, the high-voltage battery is disconnected by default. The low-voltage auxiliary battery is the “switch” of the power source.

When the low-voltage auxiliary battery is depleted, the power battery can be used. It charges. Traditional fuel vehicles rely on the engine to charge the battery, while pure electric vehicles use an on-board DC/DC converter to convert the high-voltage direct current from the power battery pack into low-voltage direct current for charging. In order to better solve the problems of low-voltage auxiliary batteries losing power due to low DC-DC conversion charging voltage, difficulty in charging recovery after deep discharge, and short lifespan, DF uses advanced technological advantages to improve the battery’s charging acceptance performance and low-temperature environment. It has made breakthrough innovations in terms of charging efficiency and other aspects, realizing “veteran rebirth”.

A large number of electronic components in new energy vehicles have a rated voltage of 12V. A battery with excellent quality and strong performance will bring a better driving experience to car owners. DF Storage Battery is a global high-end battery brand with mature battery manufacturing technology. After comprehensive technological innovation, the DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary battery has effectively improved its low-voltage charging performance, and its low-temperature charging recovery ability has also been greatly improved.

The charging time during use is shorter, which maximizes the energy efficiency of lithium batteries and ensures high-voltage Lithium battery range. The deep discharge recovery capability of the DF DEV series new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries has been greatly improved, and it can support power supply for a variety of electrical appliances and greater dark current consumption.

When the power lithium battery is suspended, the DF DEV battery can provide sufficient power supply for the vehicle’s intelligent driving assistance system, GPS and other equipment. When the power lithium battery fails, the DF DEV battery can support the normal operation of the vehicle’s electrical system in a short time and ensure the safe parking of the vehicle.

China’s new energy vehicles are “speeding all the way” towards the world, contributing to the global green energy transformation and becoming a shining new business card of Made in China. DF has been deeply involved in the battery industry for many years and has numerous “fans” overseas. In order to meet the international needs of new energy vehicles, the DF DEV series of new energy low-voltage auxiliary batteries have been developed and launched in 5 models. They are not only suitable for popular domestic brands such as GAC Aian, Dongfeng Lantu, Changan New Energy and other brands, but can also Adapt to new energy models of Tesla and other international brands, allowing the world to share China’s “smart” manufacturing!

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