Spruce Up Tree Care Highlights a Stump Grinding & Deadwood Removal Project, Promoting Yard Safety in Shelby County, TN

May 14 17:18 2024
Spruce Up Tree Care Highlights a Stump Grinding & Deadwood Removal Project, Promoting Yard Safety in Shelby County, TN
Showcasing the successful completion of a job site case study focusing on stump grinding and deadwood removal in a residential area of Shelby County, Tennessee.

The case study centered around a substantial Red Oak tree stump in a local homeowner’s yard that posed significant risks due to its size and location. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Spruce Up Tree Care’s expert team skillfully navigated a 35-inch gate and carefully avoided buried utility lines to access and remove the stump. You can read about the project here: https://spruceuptreecare.com/case-study/stump-grinding-and-deadwood-removal-shelby-county-tn

David Newsome, owner of Spruce Up Tree Care, highlighted the challenges and the solutions provided. “Our team faced significant challenges, including super tight access and the need to protect underground utilities. Despite these hurdles, we efficiently executed the stump grinding and ensured a safe, clean result,” said Newsome. “Our priority is always the safety and satisfaction of our clients, and this project was a testament to that commitment.”

The services provided included were: Stump Grinding which removed the old tree stump preventing it from becoming a harbor for pests and decay. And Deadwood Removal which is the clearing of dead limbs and branches to enhance yard safety and prevent potential storm damage.

The project was completed in six hours, showcasing Spruce Up Tree Care’s efficiency and dedication to quality service. The equipment used was carefully chosen to suit the specific conditions and requirements of the residential location. They also provide tree services in Atoka TN, more info here. https://spruceuptreecare.com/service-areas/tree-service-atoka-tn

The successful completion of this case study not only enhanced the homeowner’s property but also ensured a safer environment for the neighborhood and residents. Following the project, the area was left clean and free from any potential hazards, to the 100% satisfaction of the client.

For more information on Spruce Up Tree Care and their services, please visit the case study page and their gallery page.

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Spruce Up Tree Care is a leader in arboriculture services in Tennessee, specializing in stump grinding and deadwood removal. With a focus on safety and environmental sustainability, Spruce Up Tree Care continues to serve the communities of Tennessee, ensuring healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments. We also just added a service area where we provide exceptional tree services in Millington TN. https://spruceuptreecare.com/service-areas/tree-service-atoka-tn

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