Impressive Revenue Growth, Profitable and Expanding Holding Company with Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Holdings plus a Large Stake in a SAAS Lifestyle Hospitality Firm: ACGX

May 14 18:30 2024

• Focus on High Value Real Estate Projects and Strategic Investments, Vertically Integrated to Optimize Efficiencies and Cost Savings. 

• Multiple Projects to Help Diversify Risk and Generate Revenue in Multiple Ways, Leveraging Both the Private and Public Markets. 

• Gross Profits for the Year Ending December 31, 2023 were $652,553 with a Net Income of $116,124. 

• Investment in PeopleVine, a Software as a Service (SAAS) Company That Specializes in Serving the Lifestyle Hospitality Industry. 

• PeopleVine’s Revenue Increased by 100% in 2023. 

• $4 Million Chicago Property Positioned for Sale to Net Roughly a $1 Million Gain. 

• Small Share Structure with 4.4 Million OS and 2.4 Million Float. 

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (OTC: ACGX) is a Parent Holding Company on the OTC market. The strategy ACGX intends to deploy is a shared resource model where internal divisions, portfolio companies, Real Estate projects, and strategic investments are vertically integrated, optimizing efficiencies and cost savings. Resources may be applied to a mix of early-stage equity investments in companies that synergize with the company’s shared resource model and secured investment opportunities.  

The ACGX strategic mission is to utilize a unique blend of capital, relationships, experience, and secured investment structures to increase value for its clients, partners, investors, and shareholders while reducing the overall risk. The ACGX big picture long term plan is to create an ecosystem of shared resources that can provide quality resources with reduced expenses while acting as a partner for internal projects. The ACGX intent is to have multiple businesses and investment projects or divisions to help diversify the risk and generate potential revenue in multiple ways while leveraging both the private and public markets. 

ACGX is an investor in PeopleVine a consolidated membership engagement platform that allows businesses to build more personal relationships with their customers at scale. The PeopleVine platform has a primary focus in the member experience, subscription management, and CRM platform in the hospitality industry.  

PeopleVine is a Software as a Service (SAAS) company that specializes in serving the Lifestyle Hospitality industry. The Member Experience & CRM Software allows luxury hotels, resorts, and private member clubs to elevate a more personalized online membership experience. PeopleVine helps their clients build member communities, drive engagement, and connect the dots that elevate experiences and revenues. The software empowers its clients teams to deliver efficiently managed operations through an integrated platform. PeopleVine is committed to being the most essential and adaptive SaaS engagement platform for companies that take a customer centric approach to business. For more information visit: 

For investors, ACGX has a very attractive share structure with only about 4.4 million share outstanding and a public float of only about 2.4 million as can be seen here:  

ACGX 2023 Annual Financial and Disclosure Report – PeopleVine’s Revenue Increased by 100% in 2023

On April 1st ACGX announced results of Operations for the Year Ending December 31, 2023.

Revenues for the Year ending December 31, 2023 were $652,553

Gross Profits for the Year ending December 31, 2023 were $652,553

Net Income for the Year ending December 31, 2023 were $116,124

The total assets on the Balance Sheet for ACGX as of 12/31/23 were $4,295,764

ACGX ended the 4th quarter with $89,420 cash on hand.

Paul Sorkin, CEO of ACGX said, “Our potentially most valuable asset/investment (The PeopleVine shares) had its best year ever. Overall revenues for PeopleVine doubled and the Net Profit Tripled. We believe PeopleVine has reached its tipping point and is potentially ready to bring in outside investors and strategic partners to help with the next stage of the company. What this means for ACGX is a potential sale of a portion of the shares to help fund other potential future projects and investments while still maintaining the majority of the position to hopefully benefit from any continued growth. 

The overall goal is to diversify ACGX investments to reduce the risk and look for a positive cashflow company that we can acquire to improve the overall future value for ACGX investors and shareholders. 

The ACGX Wayne Property project has completed almost all of its renovations and hopes to have the final 2 units rented soon. The property is in an area with increasing investment interest and once it is fully rented and all additional expenses are paid for we expect to have a good positive cashflow to attract a quality buyer to hopefully sell the property this year. The Wane Property is valued at approximately $4 million dollars and ACGX will net about $1.2 million on a full asset value sale.

See the official Wayne property listing here:

The ACGX Coastal Spritz project is transitioning to its new name “Say Less Spritz”. ACGX has partnered with a new Co-Packer and a long-time industry expert to help with the rebranding. ACGX is also in discussions with an experienced sales team and hopes to engage their team to help maintain and grow in new marks. ACGX is also proud to say that the product can be found in Chicago’s famous Wrigley Field again this year. 

ACGX is continuing multiple conversations with potential acquisition targets, projects, strategic partners, investors, and other opportunities to determine its best fits as well as possible new investors for PeopleVine. ACGX foundation and structure remains attractive for multiple potential opportunities and its long term goals are still based on building its shared resources foundation to position ACGX to own multiple vertically integrated companies that, successful, can each reduce their expenses by leveraging our resources and relationships to increase the overall assets, revenues, and profits over time.

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