Unveiling the Future of E-Commerce: How Trend Hijacking is Redefining Success in Online Retail

May 15 19:32 2024
Unveiling the Future of E-Commerce: How Trend Hijacking is Redefining Success in Online Retail
Turns Out Trends Beat The Competition

London – May 15, 2024 – TrendHijacking, a brand renowned for building multiple 6-figure/mo businesses from eCommerce to SaaS, is proud to announce their little-known but massively successful approach to Launching & Scaling Online Businesses (eCommerce & SaaS) that helps business owners avert the risk of dealing with a competitive market, called, “Trend Hijacking”.

The eCommerce space has witnessed a spike in partakers over the last 6 years – with an overall growth rate of 59.8% – and this number is only rising as the years go by.

This means for most eCommerce business owners – or aspiring – that the competition is only increasing with an average growth rate of 8.1% every year, greatly reducing your chances of survival in your niche.

However, Trend Hijacking proposes a method for eCommerce business owners – or aspiring – that suggests that a profitable eCommerce business can be run without the constant overhead looks at the competition and that they can even be leveraged.

According to their Founder, they do so by Hijacking product trends, ethically stealing Customers and hacking Growth – thus more competitive – and leveraging the trends around the product in a unique way.

They also propose a variety of other offers to help not only eCommerce business owners, but also SaaS businesses, AI Services, and the like.

Dolapo Adedayo, Founder of Trend Hijacking:

“Online Business whether Ecommerce, Dropshipping or SaaS is a tough game. 

From the outside, it looks super easy with the nice cars, fancy vacations, and a lot of sales…the truth is, the reality is quite the contrary. As a beginner you’re competing side-by-side with the best of the best, your favorite online gurus, I’m talking about individuals with the financial resources, team, experience and staff to scale as aggressively as quickly as they find a product with good traction.

So How do you survive and make Money in such a fierce marketplace with less skill, zero experience, and NO access to a ton of money to scale aggressively?

OUR SOLUTION: Don’t compete with them. Instead, we Hijacking Trends, hack growth by ethically stealing Customers using Leverage, and Piggyback other bigger rival’s Success.

That’s how our clients and partners have been able to generate over almost * Figures in sales collectively in sales online by not trying to be COMPETE at first, but simply leveraging other merchants’ success.

Then going to war once we raise enough revenue from profits.”

The entirety of their systems plus extra features are compiled into their Automation Program.

Their program:

  1. Helps aspiring business owners or Individuals looking to diversify their portfolio start up highly profitable Automated eCommerce businesses and even run them completely on their behalf.That means you could have a high cashflow eCommerce business without necessarily operating the business by yourself (all Done-for-you) – adding an extra income to your portfolio that is relatively “passive”.
  2. Works as the Chief Operation Officer of your newly Launched & running eCommerce brand, and scales it to multiple 6-figures in revenue per month.
  3. Handles everything from outsourcing and marketing process – from suppliers to copywriting, store building, Customer Service and paid marketing campaigns.
  4. Implements their 7-figure “Trend Hijacking” approach to Launch your Online store the same that has generated over figures across 315+ different stores.
  5. Gives you access to up to $100K in funds for scaling the store when qualified.

The Trend Hijackers are currently taking in aspiring business owners or Individuals looking to diversify their portfolio – and would be closing the doors to entry when a number of persons are attained.

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