Qargo Coffee Launches a New Location in UC Berkeley, Bringing Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries

May 16 04:06 2024
Qargo Coffee Launches a New Location in UC Berkeley, Bringing Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries
The premium coffee chain inaugurates a new location in Berkeley, CA, introducing Lavazza Italian Coffee, freshly baked pastries, and a unique coffee shop setting for the academic community

Qargo Coffee, the coffee chain renowned for its premium quality offerings, has unveiled its latest store in Berkeley, CA, located conveniently at 2344 Telegraph Ave. — a mere stroll from the University of California, Berkeley. This new location is set to become the perfect space for academic endeavors, providing a distinctive setting that encourages networking and socializing, complemented by the unparalleled taste of Lavazza’s Premium Italian Coffee.

With the opening of this new store, the company aims to become a go-to destination for UC Berkeley students, seamlessly combining Italian tradition with a contemporary flair. With a vibrant ambiance that resonates with the spirit of the younger generation, this venue offers an inviting space where connections are forged and energy is replenished for the academic journey ahead.

Setting itself apart from the crowd, Qargo Coffee’s latest location boasts a carefully curated selection of exclusive beverages that celebrate local culture and flavors. The main highlight is the S’Mores Mocha, a warm indulgence preparation that blends the essence of toasted marshmallows, cinnamon, dark chocolate, and espresso. The menu also features refreshing choices such as the Citrus Twist, a unique fusion of mandarin and strawberry, and the Passion-ade Frappe, a creamy, citrus-infused blended drink. And for those seeking for a zesty companion to their study sessions, the Citrus Twist Cold Brew stands ready, complementing an eclectic menu that promises to turn this coffee shop into the beating heart of the UC Berkeley community.

This debut also offers a splendid occasion for students, educators and families to discover the distinguished Lavazza La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Coffee Blend through their “Next Coffee on Us!” campaign. This initiative invites the community to savor the cornerstone of Qargo Coffee’s offerings: the distinctive Lavazza Italian Coffee. Complementing this, the All-Day Breakfast menu transforms the venue into an essential destination before or after a study session, featuring a delectable array of both savory and sweet selections, from the hearty Prosciutto & Mozzarella Croissant to the indulgent Belgian Waffles and Dutch Pancakes.

The final touch in transforming the new location into a sanctuary for students is the introduction of a Student Discount for UC Berkeley scholars. This gesture, along with the provision of free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a tranquil environment conducive to study and work, cements the establishment’s role as a central hub, making Qargo Coffee the ideal place for the student community and for anyone seeking the warmth of a quality coffee experience in Berkeley, CA.

Sebastián García, Marketing Director for Qargo Coffee, had this to say about the opening: “Bringing Qargo Coffee to Berkeley is the next step in our company’s growth, understanding that students and academic communities in general need a boost and a pick-me-up during their daily activities. We know this store will become a coffee haven for customers and neighbors all across and we intend this new location to become Berkeley’s new favorite coffee shop, thanks to our unparalleled product quality, our premium menu offerings, our ideal spaces for studying and relaxing, and of course, our top-tier customer experience.”

With the arrival of Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries at UC BerkeleyQargo Coffee continues to expand its horizons, welcoming new segments of coffee enthusiasts. This venture is also an invitation for diverse communities to immerse themselves in a novel coffee culture, enriched by the authentic flavors and traditions of Italy.

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About Qargo Coffee:

Qargo Coffee is a pioneering coffee shop brand that seeks to revolutionize the coffee culture, one cup of coffee at a time. Characterized by premium quality, innovation, and a long-standing collaboration with Lavazza, the company has created new standards for coffee enjoyment while bringing Italy’s Finest Coffee & Pastries to consumers all across the nation.

About Lavazza:

Lavazza ranks among the world’s top coffee roasters, celebrated for its renowned premium-quality coffee blends. With roots tracing back 128 years to Turin, Italy, Lavazza has continuously redefined the industry and through their partnership with Qargo Coffee, they bring this unparalleled quality to everyday consumers, ensuring that their legacy of excellence endures in every sip.

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