Some Instructions For Air Duct Heater

May 16 14:34 2024

Air duct heater

The air duct heater is composed of two parts: the body and the control system. The heating element is made of stainless steel pipe as protection casing, high temperature resistance alloy wire, crystalline magnesium oxide powder, which is formed by compression process. The control part adopts advanced digital circuit, integrated circuit trigger, thyristor and other components of adjustable temperature measurement, constant temperature system, to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater.

The use of air duct heater 5 points of attention

First, drive, check the electrical insulation (total insulation should be greater than 1 megohm), insulation is too low can be used after 24 hours of heavy oil preheating power.

Second, open the import and export valve, close the bypass valve. After 10 minutes, there is oil temperature at the hand outlet, before power can be sent. Do not open the bypass valve when the heater is on.

Third, open: first send oil and then power. Shutdown: power outage followed by oil shutdown. Power supply without oil or oil flow is strictly prohibited. If the oil does not flow, turn off the electric heater in time.

Four, opening sequence: close the size of the air switch and power on the main switch. According to the need to choose remote control near control, near control please refer to the product manual. Set the parameters. Turn off the main command switch and the distance transfer switch (put in the vacancy), and then turn off the small air switch and the large air switch.

Fifth, the heater should establish a normal production inspection system. The heater inspection includes whether there is leakage, whether the handle shell is overtemperature, and whether the protection switch is operating. Electrical inspection includes whether the voltage and current are normal and whether the terminals are overheating.

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