ZHIYUN Unveils the New Affordable B-series Studio Lights

May 16 17:46 2024
Lights with Unparalleled Performance and Convenience

Shenzhen, China – May 16th, 2024 – ZHIYUN, the trailblazer in filmmaking equipment, is thrilled to unveil the B-series studio lights, a groundbreaking lighting solution that combines outstanding design sophistication with industry-leading technology. Engineered for the discerning filmmaker and photographer, the B-Series is set to elevate the art of illumination with its innovative features and exceptional performance.


A New Era of Industrial Design

The B-series debuts with an all-new industrial design, incorporating a dual cooling structure inspired by vortex. This ingenious integration of the cooling system with the light body results in a more compact and streamlined form factor.

Revolutionary DynaVort™ Cooling System MK V

The B-Series is powered by the latest DynaVort™ Cooling System MK V, which incorporates dual pressure sensors that effectively eliminate turbulence and optimize airflow. This advanced technology significantly enhances thermal efficiency, leading to exceptional performance levels. As a result, B-series lights deliver hundreds of watts of power while occupying only 1/2 to 1/5 the volume and weighing only 70% of comparable products.

Power Supply Integrated

ZHIYUN’s B-series redefines convenience with its integrated power supply, liberating users from external power dependencies, even in high-powered 500W lights. A solitary AC cable is all that’s needed to spark creativity and master the photographic domain.

Pro Color Rendering Across the Spectrum

The B-series excels in color rendering, smoothly transitioning from 2700K to 6500K. Whether capturing vivid scenes or delicate tones, the lights ensure cinematic-grade color fidelity.

Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

With intuitive dials and controls, the B-series offers smooth adjustments from 0-100%. Preset shortcuts for color temperature and brightness, along with quick-access levels and temperatures, are complemented by an optional compact controller for effortless parameter changes.

Wireless Mastery with ZY Vega APP

Control becomes an art form with the ZY Vega APP. This wireless solution enables users to synchronize and direct a constellation of ZHIYUN devices, crafting the perfect lighting ensemble.

Instant Illumination with a Single Switch

The B-series supports a Live mode for immediate setup illumination upon power connection. It also allows for the simultaneous activation of all lights with one switch, ideal for indoor or livestreaming environments. The series boasts 13 dynamic lighting effects, from SOS to Fireworks, to captivate and engage any audience.

Universal Compatibility with Bowens’ Mount

The B-series stands ready to tackle any lighting challenge with its compatibility with the Bowens’ mount. This feature ensures seamless integration with a vast array of lighting accessories, enabling users to sculpt the ideal lighting environment.

Learn more:

Discover more about the MOLUS B-series lighting options here: https://www.zhiyun-tech.com/en/product/detail/924

Recommended pricing (MSRP)

MOLUS B100 $229

MOLUS B200 $359

MOLUS B300 $539

MOLUS B500 $719

Where to buy

Available online from the ZHIYUN store and ZHIYUN Amazon store.

ZHIYUN Store: https://geni.us/SWB4UDt

Amazon: https://geni.us/AMZ-MolusB-DD


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