CE-LINK Launches a State-of-the-Art 1800W Portable Power Station

May 17 18:58 2024

In an interesting update, CE-LINK has finally unveiled its newest offering, the 1800W Portable Power Stations. These power plants, which are made for both home and business use, combine cutting-edge technology with strong performance to provide unmatched convenience and dependability.

A bidirectional topology found in the 1800W Portable Power Stations allows for quick recharge in approximately 1.5 hours. Because of the speedy turnaround, customers may use their devices for longer periods of time and spend less time waiting for a recharge. With the use of a specialized app, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, the power plants can be easily managed and monitored. They also provide real-time data insights and software updates.

The ability of these power plants to instantly convert to backup power during an outage—within 14 milliseconds—is one of their most important features. Critical devices are continuously powered and peace of mind is afforded by this swift response. By maintaining the devices at ideal temperatures, the clever internal air conditioning system with smart fans increases their dependability and durability.

With a sturdy aluminum alloy chassis, the 1800W Portable Power Stations are designed to endure harsh environments. To ensure steady AC output, they automatically detect and react to input frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz. These power plants satisfy strict safety standards and are certified under the UI1973 standard for energy storage battery safety, making them reliable sources of electricity.

High-capacity LiFePO4 battery cells, which retain over 80% of their capacity even after 3000 cycles, are installed in the power plants. With a 1229Wh energy capacity, they offer enough power to run gadgets through prolonged blackouts or while going on outdoor excursions.

These power plants can also be used for solar panel charging; they can process 400 watts of PV input and finish the charging process in around four hours. Users may effortlessly connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the sophisticated app control platform, which makes it possible for them to monitor data and update software. Within 14 milliseconds, the integrated UPS assures a smooth transfer to backup power, and the AC bypass capability enables seamless power distribution switching between the battery and the grid.

The 1800W portable power stations from CE-LINK are designed with a variety of output options, such as DC5521, USB-A, USB-C, and AC outputs that can produce a perfect sine wave. It is a flexible power solution for a range of gadgets and uses thanks to these qualities. With its weight of 22kg and dimensions of 432270300mm, the device is a powerful yet portable choice for energy needs that need to be met while traveling. The temperature ranges where the unit works best are -20 to 45°C for discharge and 0 to 45°C for charging. The 1800W Portable Power Stations meet worldwide safety and environmental regulations because they are certified under CA65, TSCA, RoHS, Reach, WEEE, POPS, UN38.3, and MSDS.

Visit www.ce-link.com to learn more about the 1800W Portable Power Stations.

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