Indonesian Renowned Ice Cream & Tea Brand Ai-CHA Celebrates Grand Opening of Its First Store in Malaysia

May 20 11:30 2024

In January 2024, Ai-CHA, a prominent Indonesian ice cream & tea brand, celebrated its official entry into the Malaysian market with the grand opening of its first store at Berjaya Times Square in Kuala Lumpur. This event marks Ai-CHA’s successful expansion and underscores its strategic internationalisation. Founded in 2019 by the Lie brothers, the brand rapidly gained popularity in Indonesia, charming customers with its unique flair and high-quality beverages. Within just three years, Ai-CHA extended its reach into several Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore.

The opening day was a festive occasion, featuring special promotional activities that included exclusive discounts, drawing large crowds of eager tea enthusiasts. Additionally, Ai-CHA collaborated with top Malaysian influencers, who shared their visit and experiences online via Instagram and Facebook. Their engaging content sparked lively discussions across social media platforms, significantly enhancing the brand’s visibility and appeal.

Ai-CHA’s launch in the Malaysian market received enthusiastic praise from consumers, who were impressed by the high quality and reasonable pricing of its products. Customers particularly appreciated the careful selection of ingredients and the distinctive recipes, noting that these factors ensured a consistently high-quality taste across all offerings. This commitment to excellence not only met the high expectations of local consumers but also strengthened Ai-CHA’s image as a trusted international brand.

Encouraged by the positive response, Ai-CHA’s regional manager for Malaysia revealed plans to open at least 300 new stores across the country over the next two years. The brand is actively seeking partnerships with local entrepreneurs for franchising opportunities, aiming to accelerate its growth and deepen its market presence. This expansion strategy promises to bring more innovation and vitality to the Malaysian tea market.

The successful inauguration of Ai-CHA’s first store in Malaysia not only highlights the brand’s effective international strategy but also demonstrates its significant potential and appeal in the Southeast Asian market. Through innovative marketing strategies and a steadfast commitment to quality, Ai-CHA is poised to become a leading force in the global tea market, offering tea lovers more choices and exceptional experiences.

On its opening day, Ai-CHA swiftly attracted a lot of people queuing up to sample their offerings.

During an interview, the head of Ai-CHA stated that the company aims to open at least 300 new outlets across Malaysia in the next two years.

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