Dr. Ddnard Interview Dr. Ddnard Napattalung Talks About Finance And Success

May 20 19:57 2024

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson once said ‘Nobody should view their net worth as an ultimate measure of success’, he also went on to say he finds it “quite insulting” when he is introduced as “the billionaire rather than as the co-founder of Virgin Group. One person who understands those remarks is Dr. DDnard.

Dr. DDnard is a philanthropist with over 27 years of dedication to hosting free meditation sessions. She earned a master’s degree in finance economics from the University of London by the age of 20, motivated by a desire to reduce the financial burden on her parents.

Following graduation, she founded a successful diamond trading and retailing company. The Asian financial crisis of 1997 posed significant challenges, particularly after the loss of her husband, leaving her with $3 million in debt and a newborn son. Through resilience and mindfulness, she overcame these adversities, paying off all debts and achieving financial stability. This journey reshaped her focus from earning to empowering others.

Dr. Ddnard is a true success story, and instead of keep her knowledge to herself on her successful career, she wants to share that knowledge and inspire others to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals.

I decided to sit down with Dr. Ddnard and find out more about the person who has overcome challenges to become a success, this is what she had to say.

Q: 1. You are a financial expert, how did you become interested in finance? 

My fascination with finance began in childhood, observing economic disparities and questioning the origin of money. My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early by assisting neighbors with fruit preservation and in return receiving the preserved fruits I earned at school, marking my first income-generating venture.

Q: 2. You acquired a fintech firm, what was the reason behind that? 

I acquired a fintech firm to support essential services like efficient payment solutions. During the pandemic, I encountered a passionate entrepreneur seeking funding for a payment gateway. Recognizing the potential and dedication, I invested, leading to substantial growth and an eventual lucrative sale to a global tech tycoon.

Q: 3. Household debt in the USA is at a record high, and more people in the UK are in more debt than ever before, why do you believe that is? 

The record-high household debt in the US are significantly influenced by governmental monetary and fiscal policies that prioritize stock market competitiveness over export potential. The strong US dollar exacerbates this by dampening export competitiveness and increasing domestic borrowing costs.

Q: 4. Do you believe if more financial education was taught in schools, there would the amount of household debt would be reduced? 

Enhancing financial education in schools could substantially reduce household debt by empowering individuals with the knowledge to generate sustainable income and decrease dependency on credit. Financial literacy is essential for fostering self-sufficiency and personal dignity.

Q: 5. Would you like to see schools in the UK and around the world teach students how to become business leaders? 

I advocate for global educational reforms to include business leadership training, equipping the next generation with the financial, managerial, and strategic skills necessary to decrease the high failure rates of new businesses and foster compassionate, effective leadership.

Q: 6. 20% of new businesses fail in the first year and 50% of new businesses will fail within the first five years, why is that? 

Approximately 20% of new businesses fail within their first year due to a lack of essential skills among founders. Many lack financial acumen, strategic vision, and market awareness—key components that must be integrated into an entrepreneur’s skill set to survive and thrive in competitive markets.

Q: 6. 20% of new businesses fail in the first year and 50% of new businesses will fail within the first five years, why is that? 

My decision to support the next generation of entrepreneurs stems from a belief in giving everyone a fair start. By providing early support, we can catalyze the creation of innovative solutions and beautiful transformations in our world.

Q: 8. What support and guidance will young entrepreneurs receive from you? 

Young entrepreneurs receiving my support can expect not just financial investment but also strategic advice and mentorship. I emphasize the importance of self-awareness, market understanding, and a visionary approach to their projects.

Q: 9. What would you say makes a good entrepreneur? 

A good entrepreneur possesses self-awareness, mindfulness, and a questioning nature. They should be deeply interested in societal behaviors and needs, continually seeking better ways to serve.

Q: 10. What is the worst finance mistake you have made and what is the best financial choice you have made? 

The best financial decision I made was to take a hands-on approach to all my financial affairs, which consistently produced optimal outcomes. Conversely, my worst mistake was placing too much trust in longstanding relationships without sufficient oversight.

Q: 11.You have just launched your new website, what do you hope this new website gives to people wanting to learn more about you and who would like to succeed in life? 

With the launch of my new website, I aim to extend digital support and guidance to those eager to learn and succeed. The site is designed to be a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to understand the intricacies of financial success.

Q: 12. You have a masters degree, some successful business people believe that going to University is a luxury and does not make an entrepreneur or great leader, what is your opinion? 

While some argue that university is a luxury, I believe it provides a foundation in disciplined thinking, networking, and problem-solving that is crucial for most aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. Exceptional talents like Steve Jobs,Bill Gates or Mark Zuckenberg are rare exceptions who have learned all universities skills since they were in their high schools. and not the standard.

Q: 13. You have announced that you are semi-retired, so what is next for you?

Despite announcing semi-retirement, I am more active than ever, deeply involved in mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs. My work continues to be driven by passion and the enjoyment of helping others, ensuring my days are filled with purpose and engagement.

To learn more about Dr. Ddnard, please visit her website https://www.drddnard.com

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