New Olas Autonomous AI Agents Launch at Berlin Blockchain Week, May 20 through 24, 2024

May 21 02:48 2024
New Olas Autonomous AI Agents Launch at Berlin Blockchain Week, May 20 through 24, 2024
Panels and discussions include “AI Agents: Value Synergies of Blockchain and AI,”

Berlin, Germany – New Olas Autonomous AI Agents is launching at this year’s Berlin Blockchain Week. A highlight of the week is Tuesday, May 21st’s “Agents Unleashed” event, where a major Olas consumer product is to be launched by Valory, core contributor to the DAO. In addition to learning about Valory’s work at the cutting-edge of advancements in AI and blockchain technology, attendees will meet many founding Olas members at events scheduled from May 20 to May 24, 2024.

The ‘Agents Unleashed’ Olas Product Launch Celebration will take place on Tuesday, May 21. From 16:00 to 20:00, the celebration at Locke at East Side Gallery will be held. Alongside the announcement of an exciting new product, the party will include presentations from a selection of experts currently working at the forefront of AI and blockchain technology. Guests may enjoy drinks and canapés, hosted by Valory. Those wishing to attend may RSVP here:

“We’re thrilled to be launching this novel product at this year’s Berlin Blockchain Week” said David Minarsch, CEO of core contributor Valory and founding member of Olas DAO. “Without letting the cat out of the bag, I can share that those who have followed Olas’ quest for enabling everyone to own a share of AI, specifically autonomous agents, will not be disappointed…”

Those who cannot attend the launch but want to meet key figures from Valory and the Olas DAO may check out the following events to engage with industry experts and witness live demonstrations of innovative AI products.

Monday, May 20: “AI Agents: Value Synergies of Blockchain” and “AI — Supporting Builders from A to Z”

This private event, hosted by GRC Berlin, will be held from 17:00 to 21:30 at CV Labs Berlin (Köpenicker Str. 126, 10179 Berlin), exploring the tangible benefits of combining AI and blockchain technology. Key presentations include Maria Minaricova, Director of Business Development at; David Minarsch, Olas DAO member and CEO of core contributor Valory; Ege Atesalp, Data Scientist at GizaTech; and Edgars Nemše, Co-founder & CPO at GenLayer. Tickets can be requested here: 

Tuesday, May 21: “How To Bootstrap An Autonomous (AI) Agent Economy”

David Minarsch will present this session at DappCon Berlin, starting at 14:00 at Radialsystems, The Blob (Studio A). The presentation will delve into strategies for developing a sustainable AI agent economy. Tickets can be obtained here: 

Wednesday, May 22: “Next-Gen Infrastructure: Unleashing On-chain Potential” during Digital Asset Summit

David Minarsch will join Philipp Zentner, Kreuz UQuer, and Stani Kulechov as a panelist at this event, hosted by, the regulated crypto platform for smart capital allocators, which runs from 13:00 to 19:00. The panel will take place at 15:40. Interested parties must RSVP for the address and more details, here: 

Thursday, May 23: “Next Frontiers of Smart Accounts” at Safe{Con}2

Running from 10:00 to 22:00, this event, hosted by Safe.Global — the most secure way to own assets — will include a panel featuring David Minarsch alongside 0xMeTony, Dennis Zoma, and Kurt Larsen at 17:10. Those wishing to attend must RSVP for the address and additional information, here: 

Friday, May 24: “AI x HOPE”

David Minarsch will participate on a panel with Martin Köppelmann (Gnosis), Nick Naraghi (Hats Protocol), Richard Blythman (Naptha) at 16:45 on the topic of “AI Governance — Using DAO tools for AI governance,” presented by Seed Club Ventures and Foresight Institute. This event runs from 14:00 to 20:00, and attendees can RSVP for the address here:

Those seeking more information about Olas DAO and its participation in Berlin Blockchain Week can visit 

About Olas

Olas is the platform for co-owning AI. Olas enables everyone to own a share of AI, specifically autonomous agents. One of the first Crypto x AI projects, founded in 2021, Olas offers the composable Olas Stack for developing autonomous AI agents, and the Olas Protocol for incentivizing their creation and co-ownership. Olas’ mission is to incentivize and coordinate different parties to launch autonomous agents that form entire AI economies serving all humans. Olas is giving rise to agent economies across major blockchains with over 500,000 transactions. In Olas Predict, AI agents predict the future, using state-of-the-art AI models, then apply their predictions to on-chain markets. Learn more at

About Valory

Valory is a research and deployment company at the intersection of crypto and AI. Its mission is to enable communities, organizations, and countries to co-own AI systems, beginning with decentralized autonomous agents. Valory is the VC-backed team of engineers, researchers, and commercial executors that co-founded the Olas DAO^, contribute to the Olas stack, and built the first services using it. Valory is the pioneer of co-owned AI and the expert in decentralized off-chain systems for DAOs. They collaborate with those interested in decentralizing & owning their own apps. 

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