Micro-drive Brand Conversation:ZHAOWEI Exhibited Its Latest High-performance Motors Series at China Brand Day 2024

May 27 18:42 2024

With the theme of “China Brand, Global Sharing”, the 2024 China Brand Day has attracted approximately 1,000 outstanding Chinese enterprises from various provinces and cities across China to collectively showcase their innovation at the Shanghai exhibition, thus conveying the new image and potential of “China Brands” to the world. On May 11th, exhibition reporters interviewed ZHAOWEI, a representative of exhibitors from the field of micro-drive systems. ZHAOWEI shared its experience in corporate brand growth, including what a micro-drive system brand is and what efforts ZHAOWEI would make to promote its brand development in the future.

– Why Choose China Brand Day As the Exhibition Stage?

The brand symbolizes the high-quality development of the corporation. The Industry Director of ZHAOWEI expressed that China Brand Day is a crucial platform for Chinese enterprises to demonstrate their advantages and values to the global market, aligning with ZHAOWEI’s company vision of “Committed to progress in the field of micro-drive to create a smarter and better life”. The showcased full range of High-performance Motors and Drive Systems Solutions across ZHAOWEI’s five major industries highlight the core values of the ZHAOWEI brand: “micro, low noise, and high precision” as well.

– How Do the Exhibits Align with the Core Values of ZHAOWEIs Brand? In What Ways Do the Exhibits Exemplify ZHAOWEI Brand’s Commitment to Micro, Low noise and High-precision?

The full range of High-performance Motors showcased by ZHAOWEI during the China Brand Day has integrated the company’s over two decades of manufacturing experience and core R&D technologies in the field of micro-drive Serving as core components for various types of equipment, high-performance motors provide stronger power to ensure efficient and stable operation of machines, thereby serving as vital support for driving technological advancement and industrial upgrading.

The High-performance Motors exhibited by ZHAOWEI included permanent magnet stepper motors, high-speed brushless hollow cup motors, and high-power and high-density brushless DC motors, offering 11 parameter options ranging from 6mm to 42mm for clients’ applications. Compared to ordinary motors, ZHAOWEI’s high-performance motors The motor series feature higher efficiency, speeds and torque, lower noise, and longer service life, enabling them to better meet the high-speed, high-precision, and high-efficiency demands of applications fields such as industrial automation, smart medical and smart robotics. It is worth mentioning that the High-performance Motors series can also be customized according to the clients’ requirements in short production cycles, enabling rapid response to market changes.

– What Is the Vision for the Future of ZHAOWEI Brand in the Micro-drive System Industry, and What Efforts ZHAOWEI Brand Would Make to Promote Future Brand Development?

With the rapid development of technology and the continuous changes in the market, ZHAOWEI will continuously make technological breakthroughs and product innovations based on clients’ needs in the future. By integrating High-performance Motor technology with ZHAOWEI’s five major fields, including smart automotive, smart consumer electronics, smart medical, smart home, and smart industrial equipment, ZHAOWEI aims to enhance the company’s ability to hold on to the corporate vision and mission of “Committed to progress in the field of micro-drive to create a smarter and better life”, thus promoting the long-term development of ZHAOWEI brand, and empowering the upgrade of the micro-drive industry.

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