Texas-Based Martial Artist Shravan Avyukta Ignites Interest in Wu Style Tai Chi for Future Generations

June 13 12:48 2024
As one of the youngest Wu Style Tai Chi practitioners in the country, Avyukta is educating people everywhere about this martial art

Methodical, calculating, patient – these are all qualities that can be used to describe martial artist, athlete, author, and engineer Shravan Avyukta. He is among the youngest Wu Style Tai Chi practitioners today across the United States, and he is paving the way for future generations to know and love this unique martial art.

As a child, Avyukta loved karate. With films such as ‘Karate Kid’ having such popularity, karate gyms grew. When Avyukta suggested that he learn karate, his parents were not enthused and disallowed him from joining a local gym. Many children were interested in the fighting side of martial arts, but not Avyukta. He wanted to hone in on the self-discipline side. Ultimately, Avyukta graduated from Cal State LA with a master’s degree in engineering. He landed his dream job, but near the COVID pandemic, Avyukta realized that he had some poor lifestyle choices to break and weight to lose. The calling to join martial arts was perhaps clearer and louder in that moment. In 2022, he entered a martial arts gym for the first time in his life.

To date, Avyukta has performed in more than 15 events with his gym’s team. He has made waves in the gym as one of the youngest there and across the nation to practice Wu Style Tai Chi.

Moreover, he’s inspiring others to try Wu Style Tai Chi. He accomplishes this in many ways. For instance, he has a website and blog where he frequently publishes articles designed to inspire Wu Style Tai Chi practitioners at all levels of learning. He shares information there about the history of Wu Style Tai Chi and the principles, techniques, and benefits that guide this special martial art.

Wu Style Tai Chi differs from other martial art forms and styles because its forms and postures are closely in alignment with the natural body frame, and it’s beginner friendly. Practitioners learn immense patience as they hone in on smooth, flowing, deliberate form. The goal of Wu Style Tai Chi is to invigorate the mind, qi (internal energy), and the body through a series of choreographed moves. According to Avyukta, martial arts such as Wu Style Tai Chi can help root anyone in success. “Success, to me, is about personal growth, fulfillment, and making a positive impact in the world through martial arts. It is not just about achieving external milestones like anniversaries but also about inner peace and alignment with one’s values,” said Avyukta.

Avyukta recently shared his story with VoyageDallas to further shed light on his journey in Wu Style Tai Chi. See the full article at https://voyagedallas.com/interview/meet-shravan-avyukta-of-wu-style-tai-chi/.

Currently, Avyukta is working towards being an Instructor in the future. This would allow him to share Wu Style Tai Chi with even more people through direct training. Until then, Avyukta will continue to train, perfect his art, and share martial arts with as many people as he can. He is also currently writing a book designed to share the fundamentals of Wu Style Tai Chi with anyone interested in discovering the history and philosophies of this martial art. Learn more now and read the latest blog posts from Avyukta by visiting https://shravanavyukta.com/.


Shravan Avyukta is one of the youngest Wu Style Tai Chi practitioners in the U.S. and is committed to sharing this art with people everywhere via his blog, upcoming book, and one-on-one training as a future Instructor. Follow him on  Instagram: @shravanavyukta

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