IBO: Accelerating the World’s Transition to Web3

June 13 15:21 2024

As global geopolitical and economic dynamics undergo dramatic shifts, the wealth gap continues to widen. The value of $10 varies greatly across different regions: in some countries, it buys a simple meal, while in others, it can cover a family’s food budget for a week. This stark contrast is alarming and prompts deep reflection on the financial system.

Amid these challenges and opportunities, the post-pandemic era is marked by frequent “black swan” events, leading to a world that is increasingly fragmented and volatile. However, within this crisis lies immense opportunity. The traditional financial system is under significant strain, and we stand on the brink of a global financial inclusion revolution.

In emerging regions like Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Web3 technology is offering a new path to financial freedom and equality for ordinary people. From Africa to overseas workers, from inflation to cross-border remittances, Web3 is transforming lives, bringing hope and change. In this wave of transformation, IBO•DAO has emerged.

IBO•DAO, which stands for Internet-Blockchain Organization•Decentralized Autonomous Organization, symbolizes the rise of Web3 EduFi (Education Finance) organizations. The mission of IBO•DAO is to unite global forces to advance Web3 education and bring Web3 technology to those who need it most.

Throughout the market cycles, whether bear or bull, IBO•DAO remains steadfast in its commitment to building a new pillar of growth in the Web3 industry. In 2024, IBO aims to harness global forces to establish a stronghold for Web3 education worldwide.

When the world sinks, IBO-DAO continues to grow. When the world is divided, IBO-DAO continues to unite. Through thick and thin, IBO-DAO continues to build.

Join IBO•DAO and be a part of the Web3 revolution, working together to create a brighter, more equitable future.

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