Revolutionising scratch resistance in automotive interiors with anti-scratch additives and silicone masterbatches

June 13 12:34 2024

Introduction to Anti-Scratch Additives

In the automotive industry, the quest for innovation is relentless. One such advancement is the incorporation of anti-scratch additives into the manufacturing process. These additives are designed to enhance the durability and aesthetics of car interiors by providing a protective layer against wear and tear. The demand for vehicles with a sleek, long-lasting interior is on the rise, and anti-scratch additives are meeting this demand head-on.

How Anti-Scratch Additives Work

When applied to car interior components such as dashboards, door panels, and center consoles, these additives form a protective film that is resistant to common sources of scratches, including keys, coins, and even fingernails.

Benefits in the Automotive Interior Industry

The integration of anti-scratch additives and silicone masterbatches offers numerous benefits to the automotive interior industry. These include:

Enhanced Durability: Prolonging the lifespan of car interiors by reducing the occurrence of scratches.

Improved Aesthetics: Maintaining the pristine appearance of interiors, even with regular use.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: Meeting consumer expectations for high-quality, low-maintenance vehicles.

Eco-Friendly: Many additives are formulated to be environmentally friendly, aligning with the industry’s sustainability goals.

Challenges and Solutions

Despite their numerous advantages, the implementation of anti-scratch additives does come with challenges. These include ensuring compatibility with various materials and maintaining cost-effectiveness. Manufacturers are addressing these issues by conducting extensive research and development to create additives that are both effective and economically viable.

SILIKE silicone masterbatches anti-scratch additives: options for Improving Scratch Resistance in Automotive Interiors

SILIKE Anti-scratch masterbatches were designed to greater scratch & Mar resistance for thermoplastics industry, so as to meet high scratch requirements like PV3952, GM14688 for automotive industry. We hope meet more and more demanding requirements via products upgrading. For many years SILIKE have been closely collaborating with customers and suppliers on products optimization.

Silicone masterbatch LYSI-306H is an upgraded version of LYSI-306, has an enhanced compatibility with the Polypropylene (PP-Homo) matrix — Resulting in lower phase segregation of the final surface, this means it stays on the surface of the final plastics without any migration or exudation, reducing fogging, VOCS or Odors. LYSI-306H helps improve long-lasting anti-scratch properties of automotive interiors, by offering improvements in many aspects like Quality, Aging, Hand feel, Reduced dust buildup… etc. Suitable for variety of Automotive interior surface, such as: Door panels, Dashboards, Center Consoles, instrument panels

Compare to conventional lower molecular weight Silicone / Siloxane additives, Amide or other type scratch additives, SILIKE Anti-scratch Masterbatch LYSI-306H is expected to give a much better scratch resistance, meet PV3952 & GMW14688 standards.

SILIKE Anti-scratch Masterbatch LYSI-306H benefits

(1) Improves the anti-scratch properties of TPE,TPV PP,PP/PPO Talc filled systems.

(2) Operates as a permanent slip enhancer.

(3) No migration.

(4) Low VOC emission.

(5) No tackiness after laboratory accelerating aging test and natural weathering exposure test.

(6) meet PV3952 & GMW14688 and other standards.

SILIKE Anti-scratch Masterbatch LYSI-306H applications

1) Automotive interior trims like Door panels, Dashboards, Center Consoles, instrument panels…

2) House appliances covers.

3) Furniture / Chair.

4) Other PP compatible system.

Future Outlook

The future of anti-scratch additives and silicone masterbatches in the automotive industry looks promising. As technology advances, we can expect to see even more sophisticated formulations that offer greater scratch resistance and other beneficial properties.


The use of anti-scratch additives and silicone masterbatches is a significant step forward in the automotive industry’s pursuit of excellence. These innovations not only elevate the quality of car interiors but also contribute to the overall driving experience. As the industry continues to evolve, the role of these additives will undoubtedly become even more integral to the design and manufacturing process.

SILIKE has been committed to the combination of silicone and plastics, for a long time to provide many customers with plastic modification solutions to improve the performance and quality of customer products, if you want to improve the scratch resistance of different engineering plastics, SILIKE can give you a customised solution.

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