Types of Book Editing | A Complete Guide for a Successful Book

June 13 13:04 2024
Types of Book Editing | A Complete Guide for a Successful Book

Whether you are new to writing or have written tons of books, you will need a book editor. Book editing is an essential step after writing. It allows you to know the shortcomings in your writing. And editing also helps you fix the writing errors in your book. Also, it makes your book look professional. To sum up, it is the step that makes your writing readable. Book editing can be a tricky task, as it is a lengthy process. Also, you can find various types of editing for your book. And each type can serve a different function. So this can confuse the writers.

Thus, we have outlined the essential types of book editing to make things easier for you. Also, the article will help you know the suitable editing type for your book. And it will guide you to hire editing & proofreading services from platforms like Amazon Kindle Network to edit your work. So keep reading for valuable information.

Essential Types of Book Editing You Must Know

There are various types of editing for different stages of book writing. Here are the common types of book editing you must know.

1. Developmental / Substantive Editing

So the first in this list is developmental editing. People also call it substantive editing. And it is a vital part of the editing process. 

Developmental editing focuses on the book story. In other words, an editor looks at the structure, organization, and plot in this editing. So in this stage, an editor will examine your writing style, look for inconsistencies within the storyline, and many more. An editor will read your entire draft. And then present the summary of what is working and what is not. So you can say this editing is to make your book story better.

An editor also works to improve the readability of your draft. However, in this type of editing, an editor does not look for spelling and grammar mistakes. So the purpose of this stage is to make the plot and storyline the best they can be.

You can benefit from developmental editing when you are doubtful about the plot or storyline. And if you are new to book writing, you must hire an editor for developmental editing.

2. Line Editing

So the second type of book editing is line editing. It is one of the essential book edits.

In this editing, an editor looks at the flow of your writing, description, word usage, and tense to make your book more enjoyable. A line editor goes line-by-line to consider every word and phrasing choice. Hence, you can say that line editing is about flow and clarity. The editor will also look for spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing. And the line editor will fix those writing errors.

The line editor will polish your writing and help you ensure you are telling the story as clearly and beautifully as possible.

Line editing is essential for a successful book. It benefits a writer more than basic copy editing. So make sure the editor has a firm grasp of English and grammar.

You can benefit from line editing at every stage of book writing. Moreover, line editors give a polished look to your drafts. You can also hire editors to make your drafts look flawless.

So if you want to present a readable and flawless story, go for line editing.

3. Copy Editing

The third type of book editing is copy editing. It is about making sure your book has followed the standard writing rules.

So in this editing, an editor goes through a draft to find common writing errors. For instance, an editor looks for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. The editor can also do more. He can look for subject-verb agreement, proper capitalization, and consistency in your draft. Thus, a copy editor reviews your draft for these errors and fixes them to make your book error-free.

A copy edit can be essential for a successful book. It helps a writer follow the industry rules for writing. And it also makes sure that a writer is using those rules consistently. So make sure the copy editor has a firm grasp of English grammar.

Your every draft must go through copy editing. It is an editing that every writer can need. So you need a copy editor to make your book error-free.

4. Proofreading

The next book editing type is proofreading. It is a crucial step in book writing.

People also name this editing as the final touch in book writing. So in this editing, an editor reviews your work and tries to find writing errors. The editor looks for as many mistakes as possible. And then, the editor will fix those errors to make your book free from every mistake.

The editor looks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in your draft. And the editor also looks for captions and formatting errors.

So proofreading is an essential type of book editing. It can help a writer find and remove errors in his writing. And it ensures a writer that his book is ready to publish.

Proofreading is a vital step in book writing. It is a final step that ensures a book is ready to publish. And this editing helps a writer produce an error-free project. So your every book needs this editing. Whether it is the first book or the tenth, you will need an editor to proofread your writing.

5. Editorial Assessment

And at last, we have an editorial assessment in the list. An editorial assessment is an evaluation of your draft. And you can learn about your strengths and weaknesses, recurring mistakes, and suggested changes. In other words, editorial assessment can help you determine what kind of editing your book needs.

An editorial assessment can be crucial for your book. However, remember, it is not an edit. It will just help you know what editing can suit your draft. So an editorial assessment will not fix your writing issues, but it can help you find an editor to solve those issues.

An editorial assessment can benefit you when you are new to writing. It will help you know the strong and weak areas of your book writing. So it can help you grow as a writer.

6. Do You Need All Types of Editing for Your Book?

So these are the essential types of editing for your book. However, it does not imply that you have to hire five different editors.

Most of the time, the editors offer editing packages. And these include more than one style of edit. For instance, you can get copy editing and line editing in one package. Similarly, you can get line editing and developmental editing in one package.

However, sometimes, you may need to hire multiple editors for a successful book.


Editing is the essential step in the book-writing process. It allows a writer to find and fix writing errors. As a result, it helps writers to produce an error-free project. However, book editing can be a challenging task. So to make things simple, a writer must know what kind of editing best serves his book.

There are various types of book editing. And each editing serves a different purpose. Sometimes, a writer may need just one particular kind. And sometimes, a writer may need to use different editing types for his book. 

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