Wellington Graduate Talks: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

June 17 16:24 2024

In this series, pupils from the best international school in Tianjin will share their university journey with Wellington College Tianjin, how they started their journey and what kept them going through the years and months running up to their offers. They will also share their thoughts and advice with those just starting their journey.

Wellington College International Tianjin

It is a pleasure to chat with Hanson, an outstanding pupil from Wellington College Tianjin, who has already received offers from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Warwick to further his studies abroad. 

01 Appreciating the unique benefits offered by Wellington 

Hanson was awarded the Shuping Scholarship, which is the highest-level scholarship offered at Wellington College schools in China and is open to outstanding pupils from Chinese working-class families. The awarding of this scholarship is based not only on academic performance but also on the qualities, personality and values of the pupil. 

Hanson says the scholarship inspired him in his academic studies.

Wellington College International Tianjin

 02 A well-rounded school experience 

Hanson explained that in terms of academics, Wellington College Tianjin has been extremely helpful. In the high school of Wellington College Tianjin, teachers, most of whom are from the UK, are all very professional and understand the curriculum and system very well. For Hanson, the way the academic courses are delivered in the classrooms is exceptional.  

Apart from academic excellence, Wellington gives pupils opportunities to display their talents. Staff strive to develop pupils to their full potential, which makes the school stand out from other schools. 

Hanson has engaged in several extracurricular activities. He gained valuable experience by taking part in global competitions such as the National Economics Challenge (NEC), the British Biology Olympiad (BBO), and the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), in all of which he achieved good results. 

Hanson was the Head of his boarding house last year and was responsible for many different activities. As the Head of boarding house in this Tianjin High School this year, he is also involved in charity events to raise awareness of different issues. 

03 A passion for interacting with people

Wellington College International Tianjin

Hanson has a deep interest in business, economics and international management since these fields involve interactions within society, and as an extrovert, he loves interacting with people. He considers himself to be a pioneer and prefers subjects that can easily be tied to people’s daily lives. 

Regarding the offers he has received from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Warwick, Hanson said that he is very grateful for both these offers, but the London School of Economics and Political Science might be his top choice because it offers two years of study at the university and the option of another year in another country, which is very attractive to him.

04 Invaluable guidance from the University Guidance Team

The school wanted to know more about the process of seeking an offer from a university and how the University Guidance Team has helped Hanson achieve his goals. He said that the application is not easy and involves a lot of preparation. The school has a three-year plan to assist with the process, and Individual counsellors are assigned to each pupil. They show pupils how to prepare their personal statements, resumes and CVs, and they also help them choose their major subjects.  

Hanson told us that he is very thankful for their help and guidance and that the whole process has been much easier with the help of these counsellors. 

05 Opportunities that build character 

According to Hanson, this Tianjin Senior School has helped him build his character and allowed him to challenge himself in several different areas. He describes the school activities as being designed to enable pupils to explore who they are and what they love, offering leadership opportunities in different committees and subdivisions. 

When Hanson was asked if he would recommend Wellington College Tianjin to other pupils and whether he has any advice for pupils who want to study there. 

He replied that he would definitely recommend Wellington as it is one of the best international schools in China.  

The school creates a comfortable study environment and he commends their kindness and inclusiveness. He said they listen to pupils and care about their opinions. They also encourage pupils to find their own motivation. What makes Wellington stand out from other schools is the cultivation of ambition and inspiration and an atmosphere that allows pupils to develop faith in themselves and believe anything is possible. 

The main advice that Hanson offers to prospective Wellington pupils is to have self-discipline, explaining that in the British education system, pupils are assigned a lot of individual work, and most pupils coming to Wellington for the first time need time to adapt to the system.

 06 A bright future filled with possibilities 

Talking about his plans for the future, Hanson said he is considering three options. The first is to graduate and start his own business in the UK, the second is to pursue an academic career and do a Master’s Degree, and the third is to go to the London School of Arts, as he has a passion for acting. 

From the Housemistress: 

“It has been a joy to witness Hanson’s growth and achievements. Hanson is such a trustworthy young gentleman who always accomplishes tasks to an exceptional level. His sense of motivation has driven him to achieve in all areas. Furthermore, Hanson never says no to opportunities and challenges; he always tries his best and then goes above and beyond. I remember one occasion when I was deeply moved by Hanson’s sense of pride and duty. I congratulated Hanson for winning House Points and Hanson simply replied that it was his ‘responsibility to make contributions to The House’. Hanson, from a child until today, you have only given us reason to hold our heads up in pride. You are an inspiration and will always be a part of Anglesey! Cheers to four years, Hanson!” Ms Tracey Xu, the Housemistress of the Anglesey, shared with us. 

Regarded as one of the best international schools in Tianjin, Wellington College Tianjin wishes Hanson all the best for his future and trust that he will be successful in the path he chooses.

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