Gemma Claire Salinas Talks About The Pageant Nationals

June 18 17:39 2024

Every parent is proud of their children and think they have the best-looking and talented son or daughter. But just imagine if you had a daughter who enters the world of pageants and wins?

Dustin Salinas, who is the CEO of Just Going Viral, is the proud father of Gemma Claire Salinas, who loves entering mini miss pageants. Not only does she love entering them, she is so talented that she also wins them.

Gemma Claire Salinas is currently the reigning Mini Miss Nevada, and is now planning to enter the nationals. Imagine the excitement that Gemma must be feeling, and imagine how proud her father is. So, I decided to sit down with Dustin and learn more about his daughter and how Gemma prepares herself for the pageant competitions.

This is what he had to say –

When did your daughter start taking part in beauty pageants?

She started beauty pageants just after her first birthday.

How old is your daughter, and who decided to start entering pageant competitions?

Gemma is five years old, and a family friend suggested we enter her in pageants. We were all just as committed as her after traveling out of state and watching her win her very first competition while loving every minute of it


Your daughter Gemma Claire Salinas winning Nevada Universal Miss Mini Queen (3-6 years) competition, how did that make you feel and more importantly how did your daughter feel?

We are always immensely proud of Gemma’s accomplishments. Watching her succeed and win a title she has worked toward all year is an indescribable feeling as parents. When Gemma received her crown and sash, she had the biggest smile and exuded a beautiful sense of confidence.

Did winning the competition give Gemma a free pass for a couple of days to do what she wanted?

Gemma has a free pass everyday to do as she wants. She has heard me say enough that the worst mistake she will see people make is aiming to low and hitting their target not aiming high and missing. Pageants require a great deal of discipline and poise, and Gemma not only understands this but is always looking for ways to improve.

Was this the first pageant competition that your daughter entered?

Gemma has been entering and competing in pageants for four out of the five years of her life. Since the age of two, she has been specifically competing at the state and national levels with the Universal Miss pageant system.

How much preparation takes place before entering a pageant competition, are we talking, hours, days, or weeks?

For Gemma specifically, we never stop practicing; it’s a year-round commitment. In the months leading up to national and state competitions, we meet with her coach weekly and continually seek out mock interview sessions to keep her prepared.


After winning Mini Miss Nevada Universal Mini Queen, your daughter is now heading to the nationals. How excited is she, and how nervous are you?

She is very excited and asks at least once daily how many more days until we leave for nationals. She enjoys seeing her friends and getting to do what she loves. We are not nervous about her potential performance; our focus is on making sure we, as parents, have prepared her correctly and given her the best chance at capturing the national title she has worked so hard for.

Gemma has just entered the room.

Gemma, how did your friends react when you won the Nevada State Universal Miss competition?

My friends were so happy for me when I won the state pageant! They cheered and gave me lots of hugs.

Gemma, what is your favorite part of entering pageant competitions?

My favorite parts of pageants are smiling at the judges, making friends, and winning a sash and crown.

Gemma, do you get nervous when the judges ask you questions?

No, I just imagine the judges are already my friends. I love talking to them and modeling for them.

Gemma, how would it make you feel if you won at the nationals?

I would be SO happy to be queen and get my trophy, and my sash, and my crown! I’m gonna be beautiful!

Back to parents

When are the nationals taking place, and as parents how are you preparing yourself?

The nationals are taking place June 23rd – 28th. As parents, we’re preparing by making sure Gemma stays relaxed and confident. We’re also organizing her schedule to include plenty of rest, practice, and fun activities to keep her spirits high.

A lot of young girls enter pageant competitions. According to reports, more than 250,000 children enter more than 5,000 pageants in the USA. How do you prepare your daughter if she fails to win?

We always remind Gemma that participating in pageants is about more than just winning. We focus on the skills she’s developing, like confidence, poise, and public speaking. If she doesn’t win, we emphasize the effort she put in, how much she improved, and the fun she had. She understands every competition is an opportunity to grow, and we’re proud of her no matter the outcome.

Is it expensive to enter pageant competitions?

Yes, entering pageant competitions can be quite expensive. The costs include entry fees, costumes, travel expenses, coaching sessions, and other related expenses. However, we see it as an investment in Gemma’s personal development. The skills she gains, the friendships she makes, and the confidence she builds are invaluable. This commitment is made easier with the support of sponsors like RASHA and Balacia.

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio introduced us to The RASHA, which helps Gemma stay fully present and focused during her beauty pageants. It eliminates distractions and significantly boosts her confidence. With the RASHA, she radiates unmatched poise and self-assurance.

I would also like to thank her coach Abby from star shine studios Portland has done an excellent job training her! (

What would you say to parents whose children have said they would love to enter a pageant competition, but they are not sure if to let them?

We would tell those parents that if their child is genuinely interested, pageants can be a great opportunity for personal growth. It’s important to make sure the child is participating because they want to and are having fun. Start with a smaller, local pageant to see if it’s a good fit for your child and family. Keep the experience positive and focus on the skills and friendships gained rather than just winning.

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