“Helipads in Heaven” by Shanti Hershenson Wins the Literary Titan Gold Book Award

June 18 17:42 2024
Sixteen-year-old Shanti Hershenson’s novel “Helipads in Heaven” has won the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Praised for its emotional depth and engaging narrative, the book reflects on resilience and personal growth.

Shanti Hershenson, a 16-year-old literary sensation, continues to captivate the literary world with her latest novel, “Helipads in Heaven.” This imaginative and poignant story, set against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, has been honored with the esteemed Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

“Helipads in Heaven,” Hershenson’s 15th published book, was an instant #1 New Release. It weaves a tale of time travel, childhood aspirations, and the enduring impact of personal adversity. The novel follows the journey of Dillon Hershkop, a world-renowned author who participates in a groundbreaking time-travel experiment. Dillon, or “Goose” as her younger self is affectionately known, revisits her childhood, exploring the memories and moments that shaped her.

Literary Titan praised “Helipads in Heaven” for its engaging narrative and emotional depth, stating, “Shanti Hershenson demonstrates notable skill, crafting a concise yet fully realized narrative that deftly establishes characters, events, and their significance without feeling rushed or disjointed.” The review highlights the compelling portrayal of Dillon, her husband Daniel, and Dr. Moreno, the scientist facilitating her time travel, as integral to the novel’s richly woven plot.

Shanti Hershenson, who balances her high school studies with her burgeoning writing career, has rapidly become a voice of her generation. Known for her vivid storytelling and relatable characters, she brings a unique perspective to her work. With over 60,000 followers on TikTok, she has inspired a growing audience of young readers and aspiring writers.

Hershenson’s previous works, including “You Won’t Know Her Name,” have garnered significant acclaim, but Helipads in Heaven stands out as her most heartfelt and ambitious project yet. The novel invites readers to reflect on how personal challenges shape identity, making it an entertaining read and a thought-provoking exploration of resilience and self-discovery.

“Helipads in Heaven” is available now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Fans and new readers are invited to join Dillon’s journey through time and memory in a narrative that celebrates the spirit of unique children and the courage to dream. Discover more about Shanti Hershenson’s remarkable journey and explore her complete collection of captivating novels by visiting her official website at shantihershenson.com.

About the Book

A best-selling author is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the first human test subject for a groundbreaking time-travel experiment. The journey takes her back to her childhood, where she relives her younger self’s struggles and triumphs, navigating the forgotten fragments of her past with newfound clarity. As she unravels hidden truths and confronts buried traumas, she must decide whether to obey the rules of time travel or rewrite her history, risking the delicate balance of her existence in a story that beautifully intertwines the adventures of youth with the reflections of adulthood.

About the Author

Shanti Hershenson is a dynamic young author whose literary accomplishments belie her age. At just sixteen, she has already published fifteen books, gaining acclaim for her vivid storytelling and compelling characters. Her latest novel, an exploration of time travel and personal growth, has earned the Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Balancing her academic pursuits with her passion for writing, Shanti has garnered a dedicated following on social media, where she shares her love for books and writing with over 60,000 followers on TikTok. When not crafting her next novel, Shanti enjoys reading, engaging with her fans, and spending time with her family and three cats in Southern California.

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