Found Foundation converts School Lost and establish into vital Support for Students in Need

June 18 18:39 2024

New non-profit organization pioneers a unique approach to provide essential resources to students in need while reducing waste.

The Found Foundation, a newly formed non-profit organization, announced today their unique mission to collect unclaimed items from schools’ lost and found departments and distribute them to students in need through partnering charities. This innovative approach aims to turn overlooked resources into valuable assets that can bring positive change to the lives of underprivileged students while promoting sustainability in schools across the country. 

“The items sitting idle in the lost and found department at every school represent a missed opportunity,” said FOUNDATION FOUNDER, the founder of Found Foundation. “We see these items as potential resources that can benefit students in need, promoting an inclusive and sustainable community.” 

The Found Foundation works in three simple steps: Schools schedule a pick-up via call, text, or an online form. The Found Foundation team then visits the school to collect the unclaimed items. These items are then cleaned, sorted, and distributed to various charity partners who further distribute the items to students in need.

Unclaimed items from lost and found departments often accumulate over time and are ultimately disposed of, creating unnecessary waste. The Found Foundation is turning this situation on its head, transforming these items into valuable resources for students who need them the most. Whether it’s a forgotten hoodie, a misplaced book, or an abandoned lunchbox, every item is a potential aid for a student in need.

“By connecting schools with students in need, we’re not just reusing resources and reducing waste, but we’re also promoting social responsibility among students,” added David Kobierski. “We believe that this initiative will foster a greater sense of community, highlighting how small actions can lead to big impacts.”

The Found Foundation’s mission is not limited to benefiting students in need; it also simplifies the process for school administrators. Managing lost and found items can be a time-consuming task. By offering an easy and free pick-up service, the Found Foundation helps schools streamline this process and use their resources more effectively. 

While this may be a novel approach, the Found Foundation is optimistic about the positive changes it can bring. In the coming months, the organization aims to establish partnerships with schools across the country, turning every lost item into an opportunity for change.

For school administrators interested in scheduling a pick-up or learning more about the Found Foundation, visit or contact [email protected].

For media inquiries, please contact David Kobierski [email protected]

About the Found Foundation:  

The Found Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming unclaimed items from school lost and found departments into resources for students in need. By partnering with schools and charities across the country, the Found Foundation aims to foster a more sustainable, inclusive, and responsible community.

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