In Bob Kelly’s Enigmatic Crime Thriller An Escort Killer Puts Chicago City On High Alert

June 18 14:48 2024

“Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders” is the latest entry into the crime thriller genre. The book is enthralling readers with its compelling characters, captivating narrative, and mystique vibe of Chi City.

Set against the backdrop of Chicago city, Attorney cum author Bob Kelly takes readers into the crime-ridden underbelly of the region where someone is conspiring murders and disappearances of exotic escorts. The smell of fear can be sensed in every alley and corner of the city, and it’s up to the homicide division’s elite task force to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Jack Fallon is newly appointed in the homicide division. He is part of the elite task force along with her partner, Elaina Rodriguez. Together, they must find out the perpetrator behind these heinous crimes. With his sharp and gritty personality, Jack Fallon becomes the perfect rival for the hidden antagonist, spreading fear among Chi-city dwellers. As the detective duo gets closer to the clues, the danger escalates, adding to the challenge of maintaining their composure under mounting stress and pressure.

“Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders” stands out in the crime thriller genre, not only for its classic noir theme but also for its exploration of societal hierarchies and the vulnerabilities of those working in controversial spaces to make a living.

Inspired by the people and the city he grew up in; Bob Kelly adeptly captures the essence of its infrastructure on paper through his remarkable writing and experiences. He transforms the city into a character molded by its streets, secrets, and the people who call it home. The novel is replete with local references, facilitating a vivid visualization of the story in the reader’s mind.

When discussing his book, Bob Kelly said: “Growing up here, I’ve always been fascinated by the city’s contrasts—the glamour and the grit. As an attorney, I’ve seen the legal complexities, and I wanted to blend that with the noir atmosphere of a crime thriller.”

“Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders” is now available on Amazon and various leading bookstores.

About the Author

Bob Kelly, a native of Chicago’s West Side neighborhood of Austin, spent his childhood surrounded by the city’s energy. Fueled by a deep passion for Chicago and its people, Kelly decided to write contemporary stories that capture his emotions and observations of this remarkable city. With “Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders,” Kelly hopes readers will enjoy reading his stories as much as he has enjoyed writing them.

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