DOOH: The Missed New Mover Connection Brands Need

June 21 21:03 2024
As summer arrives and 30 million people prepare to move, brands often overlook the untapped potential of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising to reach new movers. ​​

Moving is the most powerful economic trigger in a consumer’s life.The new mover market is a critical audience. These individuals exhibit open buying behaviors as they establish new routines in fresh environments. According to the 2022 New Mover Trends Report by V12, a Porch Company, Millennials are the largest segment in the new mover market, followed by Gen X, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers. This generational diversity offers significant opportunities for targeted advertising.

Among these groups, 43% are upgrading to larger homes, and 27% are acquiring their first homes, highlighting a demand for both household items and first-time homeowner services. 90% of new movers are willing to try new brands — providing a prime opportunity for brand introduction. Key brand categories poised to capitalize on directly connecting with receptive new movers include internet/cable services, home decor & furniture, streaming services, utilities, home security, and pet care.

KeyMe, a leading self-service key duplication kiosk, has found approximately 46% of their transactions are from customers who are relocating or undergoing major life changes.

73% of KeyMe’s new mover customers are transacting within 3 months of moving

The Case for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) DOOH platforms like KeyMe engage audiences through dynamic, strategically placed screens in high-traffic retail areas. With over 4,200 ad-enabled screens nationwide, the advantage of DOOH lies in its ability to cut through the noise of traditional digital channels with scale, presenting ads in physical, unavoidable settings that new movers frequent during critical decision-making phases.

Recent studies conducted by KeyMe highlight the effectiveness of DOOH, showing double-digit lifts across various performance metrics, including a significant 48% increase in purchase intent among exposed audiences.

Why Brands Should Include KeyMe in their DOOH Strategy

Reaching new movers through DOOH is not just about visibility — it’s about connecting at a moment of high influence, driving both brand awareness and conversion.. This audience is actively looking to establish new service relationships, fill their homes with products, and integrate into their new communities.

“Advertisers don’t think about Digital Out-of-Home as an efficient channel to target new movers, but they are missing out. While everyone crowds digital and direct mail, our screens are targeting new movers and empower a brand to stand out,” Jahnke explains.

KeyMe screens are located in high traffic areas, with over 80% near checkout or entrance/exit. KeyMe’s vertical oriented screens are eye level and native to the machine, not a bolt on top, which allows advertising on the screens to not only be easily seen, but to be seamlessly integrated into the customer experience.

Programmatic DOOH content allows for real-time adjustments and targeting, making campaigns both agile and relevant. Brands can deploy strategic messages at the right times and locations to maximize engagement and return on investment. As brands vie for new movers’ attention, DOOH offers a compelling, often-overlooked channel. Its targeted, contextually relevant ads in physical spaces provide a clear advantage in a crowded market.

KeyMe’s inventory is available programmatically or can be purchased directly through their partnership with Screenverse.

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