The HumanWisdom app unlocks the wisdom within for stress-free living

December 08 11:38 2022
The HumanWisdom app unlocks the wisdom within for stress-free living
HumanWisdom – Find joy in life
Life is full of stress & anxiety at seemingly every corner. While we often look to others for assistance, the power to find a solution lies much closer. In fact, it lies right within us. We already have the wisdom we need to overcome the challenges we face. The HumanWisdom app can help you access your own wisdom through a simple guided process of self-discovery and understanding, and this wisdom can be life-changing.

According to the charity MIND, about 1 in 4 people in Britain will experience a mental health problem every year. Moreover, 1 in 6 people in England report experiencing a mental health problem, including depression and anxiety every week. This diminishes their enjoyment of life, and also affects those they interact with. A simple modern solution, based on self-awareness, could turn this around.

The HumanWisdom app helps users deal with the challenge of stress and anxiety through a guided program that includes breathing exercises, meditations, and easy to implement tips. It then takes users deeper to understand the root cause of their stress for long-term benefit. By changing how we perceive and react to external challenges we can alter how we feel. This deeper understanding can prevent problems arising in the first place.

The app helps users learn new skills which can contribute to their success in the world – communication and relationship skills, empathy, courage, integrity, and a positive attitude. All these skills are essential for the workplace.

Thriving in life is all about learning to control your emotions rather than the other way around. The HumanWisdom app enables users to nurture their self-awareness to understand and manage their emotions – this can help their relationships and boost their emotional intelligence, which also contributes to their success in the world. In its entirety, the app tackles common challenges that disrupt our balance at work and at home. It is a daily companion that users can dip into to deal with the challenges they face, and also go on a journey of learning about themselves. This leads to wisdom which can be life-changing and help us live in peace, with ourselves, others, and the earth.


  • Listen to podcasts: Global conversations which inspire and offer fresh ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

  • Read a story or a blog: Real-life stories where wisdom was used to overcome a challenge or read a blog to explore a fresh perspective.

  • Watch motivational videos: Get the extra push you need with a range of motivational videos 

  • Meditations: A wide range of audio meditations to help deal with life’s challenges and grow to be the best version of yourself

  • An online journal with guided questions: Your own journal to jot down your thoughts, and explore a set of guided questions, like a coach in your pocket

  • Check your wisdom score: Answer a set of 10 questions to calculate your wisdom score, and track your progress through the app

  • Share your thoughts on the forum: Join a community of users and ask questions or share your thoughts with them

Android Device Requirements: 

* Requires Android 3.0 and above

iOS Device Requirements: 

* Requires iOS 11.0 or later

Pricing and availability: 

The Human Wisdom app is presently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for iOS devices as well on the App Store. Users can download and use the app for free, although there is an option to unlock access to premium content through a subscription.

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The Human Wisdom app is a wellness initiative that seeks to help us discover and rediscover our true potential through the power of innate wisdom. Like a gym provides regular workouts for the body, the app provides and builds strong wellness habits for the mind. It enables users to better deal with stress, anxiety, and other shortcomings that come with being human. In many ways, it is the app that leads everyone to their own definition of happiness.

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