Must Read Book of How Faith Can Get People Through Life

September 06 20:51 2023

HAGERSTOWN, Maryland – Pamela Chin has suffered from depression and alcoholism since her teen years and has overcome insurmountable obstacles to live the peaceful life that she has today. This book is a chronicle of her life.

Rescued from Brokenness teaches us all the importance of never giving up on ourselves; to never doubt our deep inner will to move forward. The most important lesson Chin has shared with us through this book is discovering the power of God and the power of prayer.

This inspirational book will leave you filled with hope and inspiration as you reflect on your own life.

There is a positive path to a better life.

Rescued from Brokenness will guide you to a better way while you journey through your life. As you read about the peaks and valleys Pamela Chin endured, may you identify the tools and strength in prayer that carried her through.

This book reminds us that we are never stuck. We have the power to make better choices.

A peaceful state of mind is within all of our grasps.

Rescued from Brokenness is a must read book.

Rescued from Brokenness can provide

  • A Spiritual Awakening
  • Hope
  • Dealing with toxic environments
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Advocating for what you want
  • Self-love

About Pamela Chin:

Author Pamela Chin is a Jamaican immigrant, a loving mother, wife and grandmother.

She has been writing about personal struggles and joy in life for the past several years.

Her caring nature drives her to share the beauty of loving from loved ones she has known for many years to simple moments.

Her relationship with the Lord is most important and dear to her heart. The Lord is the center of her life and she enjoys sharing His goodness.

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